Senin, 26 September 2016

World Tournament Techno Fest

         in a couple of weeks ago, on Saturday, held the world tournament techno fest (WTTF). world techno fest tournament held in the morning. Followed by grade ten and eleven class. The event ordered the students to pass the obstacles that have been made.During this event are required to speak English

The first hurdle is the students visited the park tongkeng. there the students were instructed to create a robot head is made of cardboard. However, in the first mission of this class I was defeated by the eleventh grade. the first mission we were given a balloon filled with water to be thrown to the monster that often appear on the journey. On the second mission the participants visited the park photos. The committee had been set up patterned mat 12 square consisting of four rectangular yellow, four red squares and four squares in blue. Each class representative of two people to get ahead. The two men told to touch the square that has been sent by the committee to use two hands and two feet. For example, the right foot touching the yellow, the left foot touching the blue, right hand touching the red and the left hand touching the blue. On the second mission class of ten is wins. On the next mission all the participants returned to school. school many exciting missions, such as playing games, eating Samyang, and more.

so many of my story hopefully entertaining. We are sorry if there are errors. thanks for reading my story

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