Senin, 19 September 2016

Culture Festival Megantara

           Megantara is a cultural festival organized by SMAN 3 Bandung. Held in the grounds of Bali at 11:30 to completion. The them of this event Indonesian Culture because the students are Indonesia as the nation's future should be to cultivate the culture of the nation itself.

In Megantara I follow the fashion show . During the day around 12.30 . I dressed up for the fashion show by artisan salon on the rooftop. I wear traditional clothes in Maluku is not too complicated . After grooming , I went straight to the ward building in the field bali , walking , covering my face with embarrassment . Up in the ward building , I waited with stifling to appear on stage . At about 15:00 , I was getting ready to perform with strained because of embarrassment many friends and first fashion show as well so I'm tense . All participants walked to the stage with two rows divided left and right . All participants back stage and one by one took the stage when called by presenter. Type I'm called tension increases. I walk with a handsome style of the stage towards the right side of the stage , and then to the center of the stage and greeted the jury and the audience . All participants plow on stage . After all participants have gone up , all participants greetings with a compact and come down starting from the first line. After all participants down , all participants wait up to the stage again to accompany the reception of the father of the mayor is Ridwan Kamil . Ridwan kamil come well , then all the participants on stage. while welcome , was once the prize distribution fashion show given by Ridwan Kamil . I was tense , I found myself losing and winning are wearing traditional dresses of Papua . I should not be discouraged.

After performing fashion show , all participants can change clothes and be free to play. After changing clothes , I and my prayers because the clock is showing 06.00 p.m. ago after prayers we bought food and drinks for very hungry . When the guest stars will appear first Megantara the changcuters and the second is RAN . When the changcuters perform all the audience approached the stage very full at all . All the audience jumping around to the music typical of the changcuters. After the music finished all the audince always shouting "again and again" intends for the changcuters perform again. After the completion changcuters be continued by the RAN . RAN is no less interesting even though the style of their songs more quietly .

When RAN will be finished performing , I go home with friends because RAN is the last performance and the clock showed 10:00 p.m. already this experience was very pleasant although sad also because it does not meet with ...... ((= thank you for reading my story

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