Senin, 26 September 2016

Tebing Keraton

Hasil gambar untuk tebing keraton

         Cliff palace is one of One Travel in Lembang. Cliff Palace has a very beautiful view, surrounded by mountains and trees neatly. The distance traveled is not too far from Dago. However, when I visited there the road is quite uneven. By the way does now is good.

When the holiday, I and my friends visited Tebing Keraton using motorcycles. journey from home about two hours. after arriving, we park the motorcycles in the parking area and pay Rp.5000,00. Entry fee 15.000,00. we entry and circle around Tebing Keraton. There is very cool atmosphere makes us uncomfortable to stay there. There are towers made of wood. We climbed to the top of the tower via a ladder. The view over looks beautiful from the top of the tower and we did not forget to take pictures. There are cliffs tip of his is no less interesting to take pictures because there is a pile of stones in front of the abyss. Many people who take pictures there because there the hallmark of Tebing Keraton. However, be very careful because it can fall into the abyss if not careful.

Once satisfied to take pictures and enjoy the scenery we went home because the rain had started to fall as well. We got home safely.

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1. What main idea of first paragraph?

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