Senin, 13 Februari 2017


Definition Nature, Nature is the natural, physical, or material world, or universe. Nature created by God. Type of nature there are several kinds of Ecosystem, Organism, Biotic, Abiotic and others. Benefits of nature, natural benefits be divided into two, namely natural resources, renewable natural resource that is not renewable. examples of natural resources that can be renewed among plants, animals, sunshine, wind, soil, water, compost and others. examples of natural resources that can not be refurbished including iron, copper, bronze, nickel, natural gas, gypsum, stone, petroleum, sulfur, carbon and others.
Natural Disaster is a disaster that occurs suddenly, not made by man but a disaster will of God. Examples of natural disasters including volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, earthquakes and others. We should keep the natural.
            I had an experience with nature. When the holidays, I and my friends went to the volcano mountain. There really is natural, despite being managed by the private sector. There are waterfalls, forests burned dead because when it erupted long ago, there is a crater, there is a very fresh water source. here are always reminded that visitors must dispose of waste in place. We can enjoy nature but also the nature must be maintained.
            How we preserve nature including reforestation, selective logging, planting trees, taking out the trash in its place. Although I have never done these things to the maximum, at least throw garbage in its place was a small thing but the most important thing to keep the nature around. We should keep the nature.

~If you like nature, we must also make our liking nature~

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